Apr 12 2021

Suit Agreement To Sell

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“42. A simple interpretation of section 54 of the Statute of Limitations would show that, if the date of implementation of the agreement is set, non-compliance with the agreement by the date of that day would have the opportunity to appeal against a defined benefit within three years of the specified date. However, if such a date is not set, the three-year requirement for filing a lawsuit for a given benefit would begin if the plaintiff noticed that the defendant refused to enforce the agreement. 6. Who are the parties necessary for legal action for a defined benefit. With the exception of those mentioned above, the following should also be taken into account, while action is under way for the delivery. “38. The Court of Justice has questioned the form of the decree to be taken in the event of concrete performance of the contract when the property is sold to another person by the defendant, i.e.dem owner of the property, and subsequently undergoes a decree on the concrete execution of the contract to transfer the property of recourse to the applicant in accordance with the contract. The statute of limitations for a special benefit use is three years from the date set for the benefit or if no date is set, if the applicant has noticed that the benefit is denied. 44. As noted above, it is the case of the applicant who learned, on 2-1-2000 and 9-1-2000, that the owner of the costume house, along with the so-called intentional buyer, is trying to expropriate her from the costume house because of her property. This event was therefore rightly regarded as the starting point for defendant 2`s refusal not to implement the agreement, which led the applicant to sue defendant 2 on 6-3-2000 and then bring legal action on 31-3-2000.

43. Certainly, the above case does not fall into the first category of section 54 of the Statute on Prescription, because, as noted above, no date has been set for its implementation in the agreement. The case would therefore be of the second category viz. applicant has indicated that the benefit is denied.


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