Apr 14 2021

Uwa Confidentiality Agreement

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2.2 Confidentiality Agreements Senior officials may contact the UWA Office of Risk and Legal Affairs regarding a formal confidentiality agreement. The Office of Risks and Law can provide a model for confidentiality agreements. More recently, universities have made more aggressive attempts to codify their rights through hardline agreements, including attempts by many universities to force academic and scientific staff to sign opinion polls or other contractual agreements that reject IP at the university. If you think your project may raise privacy and/or intellectual property issues, you should first discuss these issues with your superiors. If a supervisor is able to know what ownership rights and/or confidentiality agreements and/or agreements relating to your research are before you begin your application, your supervisor should inform you of these restrictions and/or these agreements and their consequences before starting your work on the project. If you have privacy and/or intellectual property restrictions or agreements that should be used in your research or studies, you should discuss them before you begin your application and prove the proof to your supervisor. As far as supervisory authorities are concerned, supervisory authorities should refer all matters to the UWA Office of Risk and Law. Copies of all documents and conventions must be submitted to the Graduate Research School, which must be presented as part of the student protocol. In the absence of an agreement, intellectual property is dealt with in accordance with the UWA Intellectual Property Directive. Common forms of intellectual property that may affect you are patents and copyrights.

… that, in the absence of explicit consent and contrary to the inventions made by university staff in the course of research, whether or not they are made with UWA funds, they generally belong to university staff as inventor under the Patents Act 1990 (Cth). [53] A university cannot compel an agent to sign an explicit agreement such as a ratings survey, but, under internal ip agreements, a university may be able to legally delay or affect the employee`s employment interests if it does not sign this emergency investigation. B, for example by not supporting a scientific staff member`s grant application. If you`re not sure if your project creates privacy and/or intellectual property, you`ll find the confidentiality and intellectual property toolkit useful. You can also contact a teaching graduate from the graduate research school, who may eventually advise you. The general tendency of universities has been to define intellectual property and marketing issues through the university-IP policy, which is addressed by reference by the employment contract. The changes from time to time, which occur through the revision of the ip policy of the institution, will be a good indication that the university is trying to modify or modify the IP system.

However, with regard to its binding status, you must check whether you have been asked to sign a new employment contract or a new explicit agreement as an act. If you look at your contractual and explicit obligations, you will say a lot more about what is probably legally enforceable.


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