May 03 2012


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Streams of Consciousness was originally created by Kevin Kovelant in 2007 as a resource for students and others interested in Consciousness Studies, dreams, and the mind. Due to life happening, operations were suspended in 2009.

While life hasn’t stopped happening, it seemed time to resurrect S.o.C., with an eye towards continuing this mission, as well as highlighting my own research.

The plural “streams” was chosen deliberately, as the study of the nature of consciousness requires a multi-faceted approach.

The understanding of consciousness has been sought through a variety of fields of research- philosophy, psychology, biology, neurology, physics, various spiritual and occult systems, and more. Oftentimes a seemingly concrete solution to the “problem” of consciousness in one field can be counter-balanced by an equally concrete and very opposite solution in another field. More often than not, this can also happen within each field’s various sub-fields! To fully understand and appreciate the mystery of consciousness, a multi-disciplinary approach becomes indispensable.

This website, while far from complete (and by no means claiming to have “THE” answer), will offer occasional articles, and links to research being conducted in Consciousness Studies and Dream Studies. No one disciplinary approach will be privileged above others, but this does not mean that everything will be accepted blindly. A critical eye is imperative in assessing the value of any research, and the fields of Consciousness Studies and Dream Studies are no different. Also, like everyone, I do have my biases.

I can be reached at kev [at] streamsofconsciousness [dot] org.


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