Day 10,950 of Staying the Fuck Inside (a dispatch from a possible future)

Humanity is pretty much gone.

Nobody wore masks.

Nobody took things seriously until it was too late.

We fiddled while Rome burned.

We were too busy arguing with each other about where to put the deck chairs on the Titanic.

It didn’t have to be like this.

I’ve stumbled upon a cabin in isolated woods somewhere in… I don’t even know which state is which, anymore. It doesn’t matter. Governments evaporated long ago.

I was hoping for food. The lights were on. Probably due to the solar panels on the roof. The utilities stopped generating power years ago – nobody left to maintain the generators, and the power lines.

Instead, I’ve only found horror.

The horror of our folly, as we gleefully embraced Chalchiuhtotolin, Nergal, and Ruohtta.

The horror of knowing, that SHE will sing into the indefinite future, long after the last of us have passed on. She will sing, until nature reclaims the house, and the grasses sprout from the floor beneath her. She will be our legacy. A reminder to dwindling survivors, and a warning to anyone who would visit our planet.

It didn’t have to be like this.It doesn’t have to be like this.If you’re reading this in the past, please make sure this doesn’t happen.

You are our only hope.