Day 18 of Staying the Fuck Inside

Realistically speaking, we have at least 30 more days of this.

It’s getting simultaneously easier and more difficult.

We’ve had some good talks with kiddo, who, overall, has been incredibly patient and resilient with this. Whether there are long term anxiety effects that he’ll be dealing with later remain to be seen. He’s only 8 years old, so I like to think that anything he’s dealing with now (and, honestly, he’s dealt with a lot more in his first 8 years than most people do in their lifetimes, but that’s another story), will be outweighed by better times and experiences in the future.

We’re still working from home. I decided to shave, finally, and we’ve now put together a daily schedule for us all to keep track of what we’re doing (plus, structure helps, and structure is especially good for kiddo).

The crows have gotten used to us being around all day. The cat is slowly resigning herself to the fact that we live here, too.

I’m still working my way through Poe’s fiction. Not sure what I’m reading next. I have plenty to choose from.

How are you doing?