Day 199 of Staying the Fuck Inside (part 2)

Night 2 of Staying Somewhere the Fuck Else.

The Glass Fire is now over 36,000 acres.

The House of Silence still stands, as far as I know, quite literally on the Borderlands. Our house is under Evac Warning (still). Across the street is the perimeter of Mandatory GTFO.

Winds have diminished, which is both helpful and not. We remain south.Tomorrow will be an attempt at a return to normality, working even more remotely. I’m curious to see what challenges lay ahead in terms of ability to concentrate.

Day 1 is always the worst, when it comes to the fires. As in 2017, being away from home and not knowing if you will have a home to return to is debilitating in how it gnaws on you all day.

Usually day 2 and 3 are a little better. The fire’s personality begins to develop, and you get an idea for what it’s going to do.

Then the slow relief as the first containment numbers post – I can only think to compare it to bud break.

Then the daily cheering as the numbers increase.

Our home lost power around 1am. It has been restored. Maybe all isn’t as lost in our food as I feared.

I guess we’ll see.

We’re not out of danger, but the danger hasn’t really increased today.

I’ll take that.