Day 216 of Staying the Fuck Inside (except we have errands tonight)

I have been working from home since March.

My desk, at work, as I recall, has a docking station for my laptop, and two additional monitors.

Since March, I have been working at our dining room table, on a laptop. Occasionally I move over to one of our couches, if I have a meeting that requires I be on camera. Prior to that, I was using the kitchen floor for meetings.

Tonight, after some prolonged procrastination and denial, I am biting the bullet and getting a computer desk.

We will be shifting the dining room table to a different angle to accommodate this.

Perhaps in some continued procrastination and denial, I have no current plans to get a desk chair.

In what might be even further procrastination and denial, I have yet to go to my office to retrieve my docking station and additional monitors, though they would probably be helpful.

It’s just that I’ve gotten used to doing everything from a small screen, and the past 216 days have also increased my social anxiety and agoraphobia. Or, it’s all entirely possible that part of me feels like I’d be admitting defeat, and acknowledging that this has not only gone on far longer than the “shelter in place for two weeks so we can flatten the curve!” thing was “supposed” to last in March, and realizing that there is no clear end in sight.

I am grateful for my job and my employers. That is the honest truth, and goes without saying.

Just never thought I’d be working from home this extensively. And believe me, I’m grateful that I can.

I wish the world didn’t feel like All Summer in a Day sometimes.