Day 33 of Staying the Fuck Inside

Welcome to Crowhaven…

Day 33 of Staying the Fuck Inside.

I’ve spent the afternoons of the last two days tidying up the patio area of all of the leaves and debris of the past autumn. Anxiety has been riding me hard this week, and getting the garden area (for lack of a better term) in order has been helping a bit.I realized that we don’t have a name for our home. Since it has become our sanctuary and base of operations of late, it should have a name, like Winterfell or Rivendell or something. The obvious choice came to me pretty quickly: “Crowhaven.” Googling “Crowhaven,” I see that the name has been used by others (not really surprised). The first hits that came up were:

  1. 1970 Made for TV horror film: “A young couple, Maggie and Ben, inherit an old New England farm. Soon after moving in, Maggie starts having terrifying visions that seem to point to a ghastly past involving witches and Satanic cults. Soon, the sinister past has evil designs for the new couple.”
  2. A location in Elder Scrolls (we don’t play), described as “Crowhaven lies northwest of Anvil. It is a ruined Imperial fort used as a Vampire lair that contains two levels with vampires and critters.”
  3. A metal band.
  4. “Crow Haven” (with a space), is apparently a “metaphysical book shop” in Salem, Massachusetts.

I think we’ll fit right in.

Greetings from Crowhaven.