Day 345 of (mostly) Staying the Fuck Inside

Kiddo had a gig today, and it was a joy to see him performing Creep by Radiohead and Crazy Train by Ozzy.

Al Pastor nachos and a Death and Taxes porter were also consumed.

This was a good ending to a day that started out roughly.

We stopped by “our” coffee shop to get drinks, and beans to get us through the week. My senses went on high alert while we were in line. Guy behind me and his daughter kept getting right up behind me. 6 feet? Not even 6 inches. All because they NEEDED to peruse the pastries THAT VERY MOMENT instead of waiting until we could safely move forward. Not just a “oh look, they have croissants,” but the need to examine ALL the pastries, and debate which ones they wanted to get, and how many, etc.

After finally getting away from them, a large group of tourists(?) came in.

“Oh! Is this like Starbucks??”


No it isn’t.

Then they decided that they needed to strategically arrange themselves in a manner that crowded us pretty much into a corner and unable to get to our drinks, safely, or otherwise, because the best place to park a stroller is in the middle of the only path to the counter. And of course, everyone needs to stand around the stroller and gab.

Meanwhile, my fight-or-flight reactions were climbing though the roof. Fortunately, one of the owners intervened before I could grab a chair and go full lion tamer.

Unfortunately, the intervention only lasted about 10 seconds.Somehow we managed to escape. I’m really not sure how, but we did.

So, yes. Beer, nachos, and the kid singing were all welcome diversions, while I tried to get my adrenalin under control.

This is the weirdest mix of agoraphobia and claustrophobia, and I don’t know what to do about it.