Day 466 of Staying the Fuck Inside

3 news headlines of note:

  • “18 cases of the highly transmissible delta COVID-19 variant detected in Sonoma County” (Santa Rosa Press Democrat)
  • “As More Bay Area Restrictions Are Eased, Concern Over COVID-19 Delta Variant Grows – Children under 12, ineligible for the vaccine, are most vulnerable to the latest strain” (NBC Bay Area)
  • “Bay Area parents of unvaccinated children wonder how to navigate reopened California” (ABC 7 News)

This pretty much sums up what’s been on my mind the last few days.

California has “re-opened,” and there was an immediately noticeable change in things while we were running errands over the weekend.

I’d say maybe 40% of the people I saw out and about were without masks. Social distancing was a lot more relaxed as well.

I’m going to assume – because I have to – that the majority of these people are vaccinated, and if so, I’m happy that they are able to relax.


I’m happy for you, and your new found freedom.

We do not have that luxury, as kiddo is 9 years old.

As I tried to explain to the school district who felt it necessary to re-open schools for 4 weeks, as more people get vaccinated, the virus will bottleneck into whatever unprotected population it can – in this case, kids.

(Never mind the sheer hypocrisy of -rightly- cracking down on anti-vax waivers for things like measles and polio, both of which are certainly horrible, but deciding that it’s okay to bring everyone back during a full on actual raging pandemic. But, I digress.)

And as I’ve said before, I’m not willing to roll the dice.

So, we continue to mask up.

All of us.

Because I have no intention of entertaining even the remotest possibility that I’ll inadvertantly transfer something to him (despite me being vaccinated), and I’m sure as fuck going to do everything I can to prevent him from catching it elsewhere.

Also, solidarity. If he has to mask up, we’re all masking up.We continue to wait. I’m hoping they approve the vaccines for younger kids soon. Otherwise, I’m totally okay with continuing this routine until he’s 12.

In the meantime, if people I don’t know get in his personal space due to California “re-opening,” I will happily remove them.