Day 485 of Staying the Fuck Inside

I’ve been feeling a certain amount of defeat lately.

I am emotionally drained. Delta variant is making inroads into Sonoma County. People are dying again. Nobody seems to care.

Kiddo is too young to be vaccinated, and I’m tired of being bombarded with ads about how important it is to vaccinate kids before school starts.


I’m tired of reading conflicting news reports that “kids are vulnerable – get them vaccinated!” and “COVID really isn’t that bad for most kids…” and “being unvaccinated increases the risk of more variants!”


I’m glad that California will be stricter than the CDC in terms of what will happen with schools (everyone must be masked, regardless of vaccination status), but I am not exactly reassured that it will be enough, because, again, despite the news saying “COVID really isn’t that bad for most kids,” Delta continues to spread in Sonoma County, and people are dying again, and the news is also pretty insistent that “being unvaccinated increases the risk of more variants!”

I don’t care if it “really isn’t that bad for most kids,” I’m not particularly interested in finding out which side of “most” my son falls on. In the meantime, I CAN’T VACCINATE HIM.

I’m still enormously angry that our school district that decided to crack down on vaccine waivers for the usual battery (MMPR, Polio, etc.) – and rightly so – continues to ignore the very real pandemic that has continued to do it’s thing here. I’m also very angry that they refuse to answer my emails. Allegedly there will be a board meeting and plans announced “this week,” but I can only wonder how much their denial of reality has increased since May. I can only wonder at the qualifications of their legal counsel if they don’t think they’ll have some potentially massive liability issues if anybody’s kid gets sick. All I can say is, it better not be mine.

I fully understand the testing process, and protocols, and the importance of being thorough, and all of it. Just beginning to wonder if there’s even a point in our case. At this rate, kiddo will be 12 before anything is decided for his current age (9).

Just need to continue to keep him healthy.”Stay inside for two weeks – bend the curve!”

Yeah. We’ve done that about 35 times now.

Fuck this stupid piece of shit virus.

I’m running out of ways to prevent this from being an overwhelmingly influential factor on the rest of my kid’s life.