Tubbs Fire / Nuns Fire part 20

I took a different route to work today, namely Mendocino Road -> Old Redwood Highway.

It’s only just re-opened in its entirety.

Patches of normality interspersed with patches of complete destruction. Surreal at times, not-seeing things I’m used to seeing, and seeing things in completely unrecognizable states – apartment complexes, neighborhoods, business looking like they’ve been bombed or worse.

I’m glad to see these things with my own eyes. There have been no shortage of pictures. This makes it all real, though (not that it didn’t feel real before), and it becomes easier to solidify the devastation in my head rather than let my imagination do its worst.

We have a long road ahead of us.

From what I’ve seen of the community so far, I’m pretty sure we’re going to ultimately come through this.