Tubbs Fire / Nuns Fire part 5

Untouched by flames, Santa Rosa winery prepares food for devastated neighborhoods

By Nina Agrawal

The Kendall-Jackson Wine Estate and Gardens north of Santa Rosa was untouched by the devastating Tubbs fire, despite being just a few miles from where flames jumped the 101 Freeway on Monday.

On Tuesday, ash swirled in the air and thick smoke blanketed the sky. The winery was closed for the day but six kitchen employees had come in, responding to calls for volunteer staff who could help prepare food for employees and others affected by the flames.

“Rather than sitting at home listening to the news all day, at least we can contribute,” said Ken Poe as he sprinkled salt and olive oil over a tray of salmon filets.

Matthew Lowe, who has worked at the winery as a chef for 17 years and did not have to evacuate his home in Forestville, prepared tray after tray of meatloaf. He said he came in to work Tuesday “because I could. They asked those of us who were able to come and help, so I did.”

[source: L.A. Times]