Day 165 of Staying the Fuck Inside

You know that feeling that sets in about 30 minutes after you’re almost hit by a car? I hope you don’t, so insert “near miss” of your choice.

The adrenaline comedown. Your body starts breaking it down. You might shake. You might become emotional. This will lead to body aches and fatigue.

The comedown began a little after lunch, and now I’m in the fatigue portion. After spending the last few days on high alert, enough progress has been made on the fires that I feel like I can let my guard down to “normal” pandemic cootie levels of caution and anxiety.

The books I packed for evacuation have mostly been put back on their shelves. Go Bags of clothes will remain packed until the rains start in a few months. Not necessarily out of fear and paranoia, but just something we probably should be doing anyway after the last few years.

I finished The Castle, by Frank Kafka the other day (even if he didn’t). I enjoyed it, and had forgotten his sense of humor.

Up next, Perdido is flooding…