Day 269 of Staying the Fuck Inside

The House of Silence has been under siege fo almost 12 hours now.

Wind gusts, all too similar to those that have spread fire to our community, have been in full force since early last night.

Additionally, the work that began on our roof last week (essentially removing most of it) has compounded the matter in that debris from the old roof and supplies for the new roof that were left behind on top of our home have been blowing off the roof, around the roof, and causing noises that are, frankly, worrisome. It’s too dark to survey the damage, and if I get brained by something, I want to at least see it coming.

The entire family has been up for several hours now.

The bitch of this is that the winds are supposed to continue to at least midday, making it most likely unsafe for the roofers to do anything.

Which means more delays, and more loud construction noises over the coming days to further fray our nerves.

Remarkably, we still have power, and nothing (from what I can tell) has erupted into flame anywhere near us.