Day 267 of Staying the Fuck Inside

Cities and counties near us are beginning more restrictive Sheltering the Fuck in Place orders again -voluntarily- in hopes to avoid having to do it for actual reasons. I applaud this. Our county is not participating in this action at this time, but that is not preventing us from upping our own Staying the Fuck Inside game considerably.

We have resumed grocery deliveries, and as the sunlight diminishes, so, too, will our future excursions. We have one more major errand to run next weekend (gotta ship gifts to the family), but I expect that will be a non-event in terms of dealing with people. Otherwise, T’s music lessons will be pretty much the extent of our outdoor venturing, unless something absolutely necessary comes up. We are comfortable with the environment for his lessons.

Solstice is approaching, and then the days will start getting longer again. Realistically speaking, I don’t expect 2021 is going to be much different in terms of daily routine than the bulk of 2020 has been.

Regardless, it will be nice to put this year behind us.I’ve begun reading The Green Face by Gustav Meyrink. So far, there’s an unexpected lightness to the tone (to be fair, I’m only about 20 some pages in), and I wasn’t expecting him to bring in the Wandering Jew and the Sufi personage of Khidr. Khidr is associated with the color green, so this makes sense. Just wasn’t expecting him to show up here. Pleasant surprise.