Day 302 of Staying the Fuck Inside

The local Stay the Fuck Inside order from the county has been extended by another 4 weeks.

Case numbers have been climbing, and so have deaths. Our ICU capacity is still better than most of the rest of California, but we’d like to keep it that way.

My eye hurts like a bitch. Because I like grossing people out, I would guesstimate that yesterday it generated about a tablespoon of pus. Today it hasn’t even generated a teaspoon. I have eyedrops now (thank you Amanda), and they’re helping a bit. I’m hoping most of the swelling will be down by tomorrow or Monday.

We are dismantling Christmas.

I find my mood is “irritable,” – most likely a continuation of the fall out from 3 days ago, and the slow trickle in my feed of incorrect information about the Constitution and people’s inability to properly translate phrases from other languages. Small. Trivial. But irksome. Especially when these things are then weaponized or used to inadvertently (or otherwise) continue to spread disinformation. Especially especially when these things are easily checked online.

I’m a cranky fuck.

Concentration is still a struggle.

I want to sleep.