Day 328 of Staying the Fuck Inside

With the massive influx/return of our beloved crows, we have discovered something interesting about the current murder.

They have an infiltrator.

There’s a raven amongst them.

And either they don’t know, or they don’t care.

Usually crows and ravens don’t get along, but this one seems to be part of the crowd. Not sure if it is confused, or if it was orphaned, or it’s an “ugly duckling” scenario, but it’s definitely a raven, and there’s zero fucks being given about it. It even seems to have figured out how to approximate a regular crow “caw” (though it almost slipped up the other day with a more raven-like “croak”). Personally, I think crows and ravens should get along, so I’m happy to watch this unfold.

The numbers for Sonoma County have been almost like they were last April, which is confusing. New cases have been in the double digits for the last few days. Apparently there’s been a global drop-off in new cases the last week or two, and there are mixed reasons as to why this could be happening. It sure as hell isn’t vaccines, because those are still a trickle here. Whatever it is, I’ll take it. Just hoping everybody doesn’t get crazy with Super Bowl parties this weekend.