Day 324 of Staying the Fuck Inside

Things have eased up a little in Sonoma County, and we cautiously (and with an abundance of precautionary wardrobe) took a small visit to Goodwill yesterday. I found a nice edition of Milton’s Paradise Lost, which I actually enjoyed reading in my English Lit. class in college. Despite, this, however, I’ve noticed that the joy I usually had in book hunting there is now pretty much non-existent.

I didn’t have a bad time. But I didn’t have a good time. If people are losing their senses of smell and taste with COVID, I’m finding anhedonia is creeping in with extended bouts of lockdown.

We watched Spirited Away with kiddo this afternoon. This is one of my favorite Miyazaki movies, and I was happy to see him get utterly engrossed in it. Usually if there aren’t epic battles between good and evil, he loses interest. This one sucked him in, and he stuck with it all the way through. This makes me happy, and maybe we’ll try some other ones in the future.

Tonight, too, I tried out the portable electric grill Amanda got me, and though it didn’t involve actual fire, it felt incredibly good to go outside and cook. I’d been marinating a London Broil for about a day, and it came out perfectly. That, plus, sautéed mushrooms and onions, and a nice Zinfandel, and we finished off Sunday in style.

Look. There’s shit going on, but I can’t talk about it. I’m covering it up with this bland post about nothing. We are all fine, health-wise, but the Plague is getting a little closer than I’m comfortable with. I’m not at liberty to discuss. Keep us all in your thoughts, okay?

In the meantime, I’m going to continue working my way through Maldoror. I think this week’s audio project is going to be working my way through Alan Lomax’s recordings while I work.