Day 655 of Staying the Fuck Inside

The weather has become Really Fucking Cold, of late. It seems colder than usual this year, but let’s be honest – I have no recollection of “usual,” anymore. Had to stop by my (new) office to pick up a few things this morning, and was weirdly pleased that there were occasional snow flurries mixed in with the rain. I haven’t been in or around snow since 2003. The new workspace looks like it will be a good thing. At some point. Eventually. When it is safe.

An old friend passed away yesterday. Even though it was not COVID-related, it’s one more death to add to the losses that began in 2020 (some of which ARE COVID related). I’m kind of over this – get your shots. Play it safe.

Reality continues to relentlessly grind along. All one can do is sludge through it at whatever pace is appropriate. I’ve taken up doomscrolling again, and that’s probably not helping anything. Just trying to figure out when the Omicron wave is going to crash down on us here.

I am currently reading The Darkness That Comes Before (Book 1 of the Prince of Nothing series) by R. Scott Bakker. It’s not Malazan, nor should it be, but it’s holding my interest so far. Look. I’m fucking tired. Really really really fucking tired. I’m fucking tired of this pandemic. I’m fucking tired of the rollercoaster. I’m fucking tired of physical, psychological, mental, and emotional fatigue.

It didn’t have to be like this.

It doesn’t have to be like this.

But it is.

And all I want to do is sleep, with my middle finger firmly extended to all who have aided and abetted this virus and its variants.