Day 69 of Staying the Fuck Inside

This is the 10th Thursday.

I hadn’t broken this down into weeks until the other day, when it came up in conversation with a co-worker.

I’ve learned something interesting.

We generate a LOT of garbage. This may not be a particularly impressive revelation, but in thinking this through, we’re not always cognizant of how much we generate each day, because we spread it out – both its generation and disposal. We throw things away at work. We throw things away at the store. We throw things away at the gas station, or public garbage receptacles.

Staying home, means there’s only one set of garbage cans for it to go into. I feel like I’m either taking garbage out constantly, or am on the verge of needing to. None of this is particularly “wasteful” – I’d say 99% of the garbage is unavoidable in daily life. But wow, there’s a lot.

Just making an observation. Not looking for environmental suggestions – especially in times of a pandemic.

Additionally, someone I know has either gone full “sovereign citizen” on me, or is trolling that crowd hard. I’m not sure which, and I don’t really have the energy to find out. He posted what is essentially a completely pointless and useless (and idiotic) “card” that you can allegedly use to “legally” not wear a mask, saying that the carrier “voluntarily” refuses medical attention if they get sick, and therefore “isn’t required” to wear a mask in public spaces or establishments that are requiring them for entry.

This, of course, doesn’t take into account possibly transmitting it to everyone else, as a carrier, before symptoms present.

I’m about 15% sure he might be trolling (he was very gung-ho about wearing safety pins after the 2016 election – remember when everyone was adamant that they were going to do that?), but on the other hand, he gets very grouchy when he feels his rights are being stepped on, and also (back when he was on FB) would often repost those allegedly “binding” legal disclaimers asserting his ownership of anything he posted, so that he could sue when Facebook decided to seize his every word and picture. So, I’m about 85% certain he believes his card will make him somehow “exempt” from contributing to slowing the spread of this thing.

I’m also about 100% certain I don’t care.

I don’t even have the energy to be disappointed anymore.

S.H.I.T. – So Happy It’s Thursday.

Free lunch today, courtesy of the apartment complex.