Day 82 of Staying the Fuck Inside

There is a lot I could say about current events. I could say. But the Internet is not real life. And in these times of isolation, I feel like… isolating. Obviously I am tremendously saddened and unhappy that yet another person has unnecessarily died at the hands of law enforcement. Perhaps that is all you need to know about that.

I see so much misinformation and so many misconceptions going around. All of this coupled with the fact that we’re still in the middle of a very real pandemic, and my heart breaks in a million directions.

So, I will remain silent. I am but one voice in a number of choruses, and nothing I have to say hasn’t been said by others. So, then…

Remember in the early days of all of this sheltering in place when there were memes about how everyone had translated entire works of literature out of sheer boredom and productivity, and it was only day 5?

Yeah. Well, it’s Day 82, and in an effort to keep my brain a bit stimulated, and to refresh my dwindling fluency in German, I have decided to embark on a translation project. We’ll see how this goes, but I’m hoping to eventually produce something from all of this.

I may also be delusional at this point, due to the fact that our air conditioning is still busted, and it’s fucking hot.

I have a feeling we’re still going to be sheltering in place for a while.

Sonoma County’s stats have been see-sawing the last few days (we’re back to more recovered than active). Things are slowly starting to open up again, but seeing as I’m pretty much a Phase 4 level worker, and the amount of hoops my employer will have to jump through to make a compliant office workspace, I suspect I’ll be here a while.

I also fully expect a large surge in active cases again in the county after the activities of the last few nights.

So we wait.

And I translate.

I hope.

Someone’s gotta do it.