Dreams – 4/20/01

So, I passed out under 7.8Hz last night, with the brain wave generator. The following is what transpired in my dreams:

I was at the thirtieth anniversary (mal)function of the company I work for. 

I was seated at a table with two of my housemates from college, W (my ex), and three decrepit old soldiers. One soldier extended his hand to me, to shake it, except his hand had 9 fingers on it.

“How does it feel to be dining with dead people, sonny?” he asks me.

I assured him that it wasn’t as strange a situation as he might think. I went to use the bathroom, but was told by my mother that my employer had destroyed it. In fact, she had destroyed all the bathrooms. As I was taking this in, my employer asked my mother if she could use our bathroom. My mother wouldn’t let her.