Dreams – 9/9/01

In my dream, my father owned a very large farm. One thing I’ve noticed, is that structures and buildings tend to be much larger in my dreams than here. This farm was on the edge of the desert, possibly in California(?), or somewhere I was interpreting as California. There was a highway nearby, but ultimately, driving on the highway was pointless, because you’d only get lost. So, people tended to stay in the small community where my father’s farm was.

I wasn’t living on the farm, merely visiting for the summer. My father had met a couple people who were supposed to help him with the crops. I had been spending the summer exploring the area, and meeting the locals. I remember two of them coming over on motorcycles, so dad could take them out to the fields to see what needed done. One of the people was his bandmate Jeff. The other, was someone I’ve never seen, but who worked in the local market.

I should digress momentarily, and tell you about the market. This was a different marketplace than the one that I usually encounter “there“, but one I think I’ve been to once before. I recognized bits of it, but also recognized how I was interpreting it, and what I was using for reference. One thing I remember about this one, is that one stall sold various breads and muffins, which they kept on a table. You had to walk across the table to get from one side of the stall to another. Often, you had to walk on top of the very products they sold. Yet they never got damaged, nor was there any sign that you’d just trod across several baked goods.

Anyway, dad, Jeff, and some-other-guy were all heading off to the fields. As I was pondering my last day at the farm, I noticed some bits in the landscape I wanted to photograph before I left. Mostly bits in the desert, where enormous trees (think California Redwood size x 2) had snapped in half, and were bent over into the sand. As I went to get my camera, it got too dark to photograph anything. The sky became filled with multicoloured clouds, and multicouloured lightning. Little vortices of light flashed playfully across the sky.