Day 319 of Staying the Fuck Inside

A brief moment of hope this morning, as there was (an albeit small) chance of snow flurries. I haven’t been in the snow in 18 years, and kiddo has never been exposed to it. I wanted desperately to give him that experience, but the weather is not cooperating.

Speaking of weather, we are, however, supposed to get a shit-ton of rain over the next few days, though you wouldn’t believe me if you looked at the sky right now.

Winds will be picking up, and we will be in for a blustery night again.

Overall, as we approach the one year mark, I find that I’m a bit frayed around the edges. Numbers are improving, though I’m still wrestling with the idea of “acceptable” numbers, when most (if not all) of this could have been avoided and/or taken more seriously over the last year. We’ve now signed up for notifications as to when we can get vaccinated. California is relaxing restrictions a little bit, again. I just wish I felt more relaxed about it all.

I don’t.