Day 421 of Staying the Fuck Inside

We went to Horrorstör today.

A few weeks back, we decided that we would do some rearranging of the domicile. This required some furniture, and after re-Tetris’ing a few things, we freed up some space for more bookcases. There are never enough bookcases, but these will help.

In the meantime, we’re under a Red Flag Warning until Monday. Yea, verily, it seems Fire Season is upon us again (I swear, it’s early this year), and with drought conditions, exceptionally dry heat today and tomorrow, and winds, things are…possible.

What’s weird is, going outside, and feeling the dry heat, feeling the breezes, I swear I smell smoke. Not like distant smoke, but the smoke and ash that envelops and coats everything and just invades the entire town when something nearby is burning.

None of this is actually happening. There have been a few small incidents, but nothing near us, and they’ve been easily brought under control. But I still smell it. Like my body is trying to fill in a somatic sensory blank. Like phantom limb syndrome.

Additionally, we’ve finally begun a degree of much needed land management in the area – goats eating grass and underbrush, controlled burns, etc. I’m not excessively worried, mind you, but we’ll probably be packing up our go-bags for the season in the coming days, just to have them ready.

Let’s have a quiet year this year, okay?