Dreams – 5/27/01

I had been cast in a bit part in a sequel to the movie The Sixth Sense.  

Kinda cool, except it was a musical. The basic plot involved someone kidnapping the little boy, and I was one of his friends trying to find him. Like I said, this was a musical.  
(Note to self: Never try to figure out dreams)

Anyway, after filming wrapped, I was taken over to a limo, and given a ride back to my hotel. The limo had the star of the movie in it, (the climax included a a full orchestra performing Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, again, your guess is as good as mine). She had done the background singing bits. I’m signing, all the usual waivers, giving up all my rights, and as I’m getting out of the limo, I’m met by her agent. Who happens to be Senate Republican Leader Trent Lott. He wants to know if I’m available for work in other productions, and I give him a brief background of my experience.

He wants to know if I can eat fire.

I tell him its on my list of things to learn (which, truthfully, it is).