Dreams – 5/28/01

Semi-recurring nightmare.

I’m in a room. In it, are about four or five rows of small closet type things, each with a door. Upon each door is a strange symbol. The trick, is to knock on selected doors, in order to let loose whatever’s inside. Each door lets loose a kind of wind-up automaton. Sometimes its a wind-up little boy. Sometimes its a wind-up little girl. Sometimes its a mechanical bird. They each look like something out of The Haunted Painting that was had been up for sale on eBay at one point.

They each have their own unique syllable they keep repeating. They follow me to the front of the room, where they must be navigated into the proper slots. And oh yeah, they have to be done in pairs. In other words, you have to keep knocking on doors, until you get a pair of each, so they can be navigated to the proper slots. If you end up knocking on the door (the symbols never tell), and get an extra wind-up bird, you now need an even number of birds as well.  

“lane lane lane lane lane lane” repeat the zombie wind-up boys….

“vopma!” cry the birds….

Over and over. 

If you don’t successfully navigate an even number of each to the appropriate slots, they eventually overcome you and eat you.

They eat you only after dousing you in piss, vomit, and blood.