Dreams – 8/10/01

I’d been part of a newscast on NPR. I was a reporter, but also a Scottish vampire-type immortal thingie. I was hiding under my castle (made of twigs), and giving a report on a mysterious new snackfood.

“It’s large, Its made of almost pure garlic and onions. They’re the new ‘big thing’, and they’re shaped like human heads!”

The new snack food was exactly that, but actually shaped like troll heads (you know, those “troll” dolls that get popular every few years?)

So, anyway, you break one of these “heads” off of a cluster (kinda like a bunch of bananas). The head starts to scream, in a long rising wail that only increases in volume. To stop it, you take a bite. Unfortunately, this is difficult, as they are almost the size of bowling balls. And yeah. Almost 100% garlic and onions.

The whole thing is washed down with water, but by now you’re hooked, and can only eat these things, instead of food. 

I demonstrated one at the end of my radio broadcast.

I was there again, but a different section of town. I was visiting the home of two very good friends of mine. They had a housekeeper, who kept morphing between 3 different people. She kept transforming from one to the other to the other, and back again.

One was the sister of my first girlfriend.

One was a co-worker of mine, from about 10 years ago.

The third was an ethiopian girl I had known in college.

The three-who-were-one, and I left my friends’ house (which I only remember, it had an elevator), and went in to town. Going up past the diner, we went to the gift shop, and things started getting a little friendly, as she continued to shift identities.