Dreams – 6/22/01

In my dream, I’m playing with the dog, when suddenly, he collapses. What makes this even weirder is, he starts to call my name. He can speak, all of a sudden! He’s begging for help, calling me over to him. I go to him, and he tells me he doesn’t have much time left, and that he’s going to die soon. I ask him why he’s never spoken to me before, and he tells me that he’s been allowed this, so he can say his goodbyes.

He spends the next several days immobile, and talking to various family members. At times, he seems to be covered, (and I mean covered) in a weird sort of foamy substance. He is dying. He is saying his goodbyes.

At some point, I woke up briefly, but then settled back into the dream. He is no longer there, and I have to go get him. 

He is missing, and he has also somehow transformed into one of the cats I lived with in Atlanta, Cha-Cha. 

A small, foam-covered cat has been found at the grocer’s, and I have to go retrieve her. The problem is, the grocer turns out to be the Safeway in Camden, in London. So, I hop on the tube, get off at Chalk Farm, and walk to the Safeway. I pick up Cha-Cha, but her tail comes off. Other than that, she’s still covered in foam, and very sick (as was my dog). I’m taking her home, talking to her. Apparently, she’s become a bit of a celebrity, as we walk by several people waving signs with her picture on them. 

As I’m holding her, and heading back home, (or Hendon, at least), I suddenly realize that I’m actually behind the wheel of a car, and about to take a wrong turn, and get on one of Britain’s major highways.

Realizing I have NO idea where I’m going, I pull myself out and awake.